Dr. John Sanker, Ph.D. SJ5000


I was a disabled invalid with 3 herniated discs, resulting from an auto accident in 1979.  Frustrated and disappointed with options the medical field had to offer, I hit a home run with the invention of the HYDROT-pt5™. 

The Hydrot-pt5™ scientifically delivers automated alternating Hot , Neutral Zone , Cold, Intermittent Compression, and Directional Massage, back to back, through a single pad, increasing healing rate up to 75%, which took me from a  disabled invalid, back to my athletic capabilities.     

The loss of my business and home came quickly, while 3 of my insurance’s, (Workers Comp, Health, and Auto), pointed at each other.  I was diagnosed by Dr. Arthur White, M.D. of Spine Care Medical Group, Daly City, CA., and my choices were surgery and drugs.  A miserable existence was my lot to say the least.  My life consisted of visits to emergency rooms, Chiropractors, Medical Doctor’s, Neurologists, and Orthopedics.  I was treated with cold and hot packs, massage, ultra sound, thermaphore (which burned me), and some pain killers at times to keep my sanity. However, these applications were only treating the symptoms not the problem.   


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