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           Massage   Hot      Neutral   Cold   Compression Automated, the Hydrot-pt-5™ way 

Teaching total restoration 


Automated, the Hydrot-pt-5™ way Teaching total restoration 

• GANGRENE Prevention of amputation • Herniated Discs/Back Pain  • Sprains, musculoskeletal injuries • TMJ Pain • Non-healing ulcers • Diabetic foot • Diabetic Neuropathy • Peripheral vascular disease • Surgical wound healing • Post op swelling and pain • Upper respiratory infections • Chronic sinusitis • Venous stasis • Pain management • Research opportunities • Chronic pain • Arthritis joint pain • Fitness training, reduction of injuries • Enhance strength training • Veterinary applications too! 


Use the Hydrot-pt-5™ anywhere you have pain and swelling.  It is safe, effective and 100% natural! 

  • HYDROT healing time vs. Present PT 

Healing in less than a fraction of the time AND 100% CURE WHERE ALL OTHERS FAIL 

Dr. Sanker’s work and the Hydrot-pt-5™ comes to you with endorsements from world renowned leaders such as: 

Sharon Anderson, Dr.P.H., M.P.H, PT,

 Associate Professor, Loma Linda University, CA,;   

Dr. Robert Sigh

 (Former coordinator for the Federal Government Emergency Team);  


C.J. Goodman, DC.

 Chief of Staff, Goodman Chiropractic Clinic, former chairman of the CA Chiropractic Assoc. Thousand Oaks, CA;                  

Arthur H. White, MD

 Spine Care Medical Group, Daly City, CA;  

Gorden A. Gilkes, MD

 Urgent & Routine Medical Clinic, Paradise, CA 

 HYDROT-PT-5™ MDL. SJ5000 & SJ9000 

SJ9000 – Commercial Unit 


Figure 1 - Model SJ5000 (Consumer Unit)

Experience healing beyond present science…some call it a miracle! 


— 100% Natural and non-invasive 

— Substantially reduced healing time 

— Increase and Restore circulation 


Reduces recovery to less than a fraction the time over conventional methods. 


Simply fill the water reservoirs once, plug in the unit, turn on the power switch, place the pad on the affected area and begin to receive therapy.  Many untreated injuries have required surgery, even amputations, leaving the patient severely disabled. Hot, cold, massage, neutral and compression methodically applied may even save lives.  The Hydrot-pt-5™ provides it all, making it the best dependable choice for the Professional and the EndUser. 



The HYDROT-pt-5™ is a compact, portable unit, which automatically cycle through a proprietary timing sequence from (1) Hot, (2) Neutral zone, (3) Cold (4) Continuous directional Massage and (5) Intermittent   Compression. This has proven to be effective in the treatment of edema, wound healing, blood flow and pain control, by regulating the blood flow.  Use at the office, in-home, or on-the-job, for maintenance or rehabilitation are all-possible. The therapy is provided through one or more pads.  

They say that necessity is the “mother of invention” and so it was in the case of Dr. John Sanker, Founder and CEO of Sanker International, Inc. He was a disabled invalid with 3 herniated discs, resulting from an auto accident in 1979.  Frustrated and disappointed with options the medical field had to offer, he hit a home run with the invention of the Hydrot-pt-5™.    Do you want to know how I know it works? 


“Loma Linda University, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Allied Health Professionals, located in Loma Linda, California, has utilized the Hydrot=Pt-5™ for research on contrast hot and cold in masters’ student research projects.  Pilot studies indicate the Hydrot-Pt-5™ produced an effect on blood flow similar to the more traditional ice bath/hot bath. The Hydro-Pt-5™ revolutionizes hot and cold applications.  The Hydrot-Pt-5™ is truly a novel approach to hydrotherapy, and will permit many people to benefit from this powerful modality who would otherwise never be able to receive contrast hot and cold.  The old labor-intensive methods for contrast applications require tremendous time, effort, and materials-too much for most people.  The Hydrot-Pt-5™ makes it easy and comfortable.” 

Sharon Anderson, Dr.P.H., M.P.H, PT,Associate Professor, 

Loma Linda University, CA 


— Regulates Blood Flow locally 


—  Healing pain control, inflammation and infection  



Available in two models: 

SJ9000 – Commercial Unit 

SJ5000 – Consumer Unit 


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The Hydrot-pt-5™ is Market tested, FDA listed and insurance approved. Patent Pending 


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