Pureblood flow Regulated health and medical testimonials opportunity

Chronic Pain  testimonials

C.J Goodman, D.C., Chief of Staff (Former Chairman of the Chiropractic Association of California)

“ ….. the Hydrot will revolutionize hydrotherapy , and become a standard tool in the Chiropractic arsenal ….. thank you for scientifically addressing (pain) with a natural system……. 

Goodman Clinic of Chiropractic

New Technology/Positive Comments

Frank F. Woznak, M.D. (Emphasis on Workers’ Compensation)

“We are pleased with the Hydrot – our patients have never experienced treatment like this before …… I have only heard positive comments.”

Reiss-Woznak Medical Center

Santa Monica, CA

Back Problems

Arthur H. White, M.D. (World renowned surgery on Joe Montana, of the 49ers football team)

“….. back problems do respond quite well …… I am sure (they) would respond to the Hydrot as well or better than any other.”

Spine Care Medical Group

Daly City, CA

Increased Circulation

Gordon A. Gilkes, M.D. (Conscience ended his practice)

“……… found it to be very effective in stimulation of blood circulation to the part involved……… since it is automated, it relieves human personnel…. I highly recommend this technique of increasing circulation as an easy and cost effective way…..” 

Urgent & Routine Medical Clinic

Paradise, CA 

Post-Operative Recovery

Ronald W. Strahan, M.D.

“ ….. I am willing to demonstrate this application to post-operative patients and recommend that they pursue rental of same during post-operative recovery.”

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


Mark R. Keane, M.D.

“Multiple medications have been tried and (the patient) was either unable to tolerate them or they offered no benefit…… she is not interested in any invasive type procedures. I believe it would be beneficial for her to try (the Hydrot-pt-5) modality.”  

Affiliated Neurologists

Lewiston, Idaho

Fractured Vertebrae (2)

D. Clifford Ludington, M.D. 

“It amazed me that after 2 days I could lie on my back with legs extended, within a month was doing my own yard work. I highly recommend the Hydrot for musculo-fascial pain and spasm associated with traumatic injuries.”

Paradise, CA 

Ease of Use

Grenith J. Zimmerman, Ph.D., Director of Research

In a study involving 18 subjects: “A gradual temperature change is more comfortable to most patients than having sudden temperature change with a large temperature contrast. Our research involved the use of the Hydrot contrast machine that makes application much easier to set up and use compared to a hot bath/ice bath.” 

Department of Physical Therapy

Loma Linda University, CA 

Additional Testimonies


“Having been a registered nurse in different settings I started asking myself questions on why we treat ailments the way we did. I realized we treated the symptoms with medications which in turn cause side effects. The norm is that more medications would then be needed for the caused symptoms. I felt I needed to get people healed and not just mask symptoms. I have had fulfilling experiences with the Hydrot. I will cite a few patients. 

One has a diagnosis of Post Polio Syndrome. Patient stated that he has not been able to walk or transfer self from the electric wheelchair for a number of years. After having 13 treatments, the patient started to be able to transfer self from wheelchair to treatment table. 

Another patient with Pauci Auto-immune disease was told that they had 10 percent kidney function left after chemotherapy toxicity. After several treatments were done his lab work was redone and patient informed us that kidney function was improving and dialysis was postponed. 

A patient had been suffering with shingles for more than 15 years. Patient started feeling improvement with first treatment and after 36 treatments the patient verbalized that the shingles were completely gone.”

Oppah Massaria, RN

Keene, TX


“About 10 years ago I developed increasing weakness in my legs and this was diagnosed as post polio syndrome. This put me in a scooter in order to get around. I have been receiving treatments with the HYDROT for several weeks now in order to see if they would improve my weakness. The treatments have helped me considerably in that I can transfer from my scooter to the treatment table much more easily and I can stand by the bedside in order to get dressed more easily.”

Dr. Harold F. MD., Keene, TX


“For the past 20 years I have experienced severe pain with the shingles. I can’t tolerate any kind of medications, not even herbs. I was desperate to find a cure. I began having HYDROT treatments and knew that my problem was deep seeded and would take some time. It took 36 treatments to cure the shingles and I had no pain. God has answered my prayers. I also used the Hydrot for sinus blockage and after the second treatment my blockage was gone.”


Dorothy B. Keene, TX


“I have received treatments with the HYDROT automated hydrotherapy machine in the Sanker hydrotherapy center. All of the staff are both professional and caring and very concerned about my restoration to total health. With the treatments I have experienced renewed energy that I haven’t had for almost two years. I find myself doing more things around the house, including more reading. I have also experienced more flexibility in my walking after treatments.”


Stan V., Keene, TX (Was in Lyme disease hospice program; now able to walk an hour at will)


“I have had a couple of surgeries on my back and my neck and use the HYDROT on a regular basis as a method of relieving my pain. There have been times that my neck was so sore that I could not even touch it, but after treatment with the HYDROT, I would wake up in the morning without any pain. I was supposed to have another back surgery due to the damage in my lower back, but I use the HYDROT on pretty much a daily basis and I think it has prevented me from having to have that surgery.”


Eldon C., Medford, OR


“I am very pleased to have been able to use the HYDROT following my abdominal surgery. I began using the machine shortly after coming home from the hospital and the pain medications I was given really wasn’t helping the pain. I used the HYDROT 5 times a day the first few days to help with swelling and it did help with the pain and made it tolerable – I was able to decrease the amount of pain medication I was taking. Just 4 weeks post-surgery, I am back to work and using the HYDROT each morning and night. At my two week check, the surgeon and nurse commented on how well I was doing and that all the swelling was gone. Thank you for your kind attention to me and I strongly recommend the HYDROT to anyone facing surgery.”


Eileen L., Paradise, CA


“I had a surgery on my left knee and leg called a Cordicotomy. Two days following surgery I began using the Hydrot. I did not use any pain medication of any kind. Any time the pain started coming on, I would put the Hydrot on. I got off crutches after about 8 days and started using a cane. At the end of 4 months, I was walking 3-4 miles a day with the apparatus still on my leg with no cane or anything. I met people that were still on crutches 4-6 months after surgery. I would say that the HYDROT attributes to getting me off the crutches sooner by relieving my pain and swelling.”

Richard H., Napa Valley, CA


“I would like to let you know how much your machine has helped my legs. I have degeneration of the lower lumbar spine and it causes pain down the side of my legs. After only two weeks of three treatments a day I have feeling back in my toes and the pain is greatly relieved and almost gone. I’m able to walk an hour a day at two thirty minute intervals which helps too. I couldn’t walk this much before my treatments. I’m 93 years old and had no trouble using the machine or understanding it. My thanks to you for giving me the comfort that is so much appreciated at this stage of my life.”

God Bless you,

Amy W.

Magalia, CA


“I had a bunionectomy on my left foot and it took about 6 months to heal. The bone was 

Months. I recently had the same surgery done on the right foot; however, I started using the HYDROT the next day after surgery. I used it 4-5 times a day for 5 weeks. Within 2-3 weeks, the swelling was remarkably down and my doctor commented that I had healed so quickly and that it was due to the use of the HYDROT. I had an x-ray and it showed that the joint and the toe were healed. It has been a little over 2 months since my surgery and I am getting along much better than the last time.”

Kristine W., Magalia, CA


“I injured my knee and was in so much pain I could not walk on it. I went to the ER and they sent me home with a brace and told me stay off of it for 2 weeks. I was in terrible pain and don’t like to take medications. My daughter had me use the HYDROT machine. The minute she put it on I felt my leg relax. In a few hours I could actually put weight on it. I still had some pain but I knew it was going to heal fast. I only took one pain pill and was back to work on my feet in 5 days. After work, I would put the HYDROT on and rest it a bit, but in two weeks I am completely pain free! I also use it on my headaches, as soon as I feel one coming on, I use the HYDROT and it takes the pain away.”

Wanett C, Medford, OR


“I was scheduled to amputate my right leg about 3 inches below the knee due to the gangrene in my foot. The bottom of my foot was completely festered with a large blister the size of a tennis ball, and they needed to amputate immediately or I would soon die from the blood poisoning. Dr. Sanker was called in for a 2nd opinion, and came here to Belize to treat me. He placed me on a cleansing diet while in the hospital and administered the Hydrot-pt5 one hour on, one hour of, through the day for one week. The pain went away and they saw that the circulation was beginning to heal the dead tissue. They canceled the surgery and I still have my leg! Praise God! The missing flesh is now all filed in and the skin is almost sealed. – I only wish I would have known about this wonderful machine before they amputated my big toe in Houston, TX. Thank you Dr. Sanker for saving my leg! No words can say how thankful I am to walking again!

God Bless You,

Dorine Charley

San Antonio, Belize, Central America (Prognosis: amputate leg three inches below the knee immediately or die of blood poisoning in one to three days. Hydrot-pt-5 completely removed the gangrene and prevented the amputation.) opportunity

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