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DR JOHN SANKER PHD MGT.,FOUNDER, AUTHER, INVENTOR AND CEO SANKER INTERNATIONAL, INC. The leading specialists that fathered the art in the science of healing. Pure blood regulated to total restoration, healing gangrene and the like, could stop 60 to 80% of the 500 daily amputations in the U.S. $20,000,000 a day, 10 years ago now the cost is double and in line with over 90% of all human ailments. I have a passion for saving life non-invasively treating the problem and setting aside opioid, that is taking a life every 6 minutes as reported. A global demand! My evidence based healing opens the door to the world of unresolved ailments and disease.



The choice is yours!

Doctor Sanker, Treating the problem pain management or Conventional medicine plus, Treating the symptoms  

1. Dr Sanker’s PAD! 100% Pure Stronger, faster healing minimize scar tissue and increase mobility, treating the problem, Cures even gangrene! "There is no healing to be found in drugs," EGW.


2. Conventional medicine plus, Drugs, needle, a saw, treating your symptoms leave the problem unresolved. Over 500 Civilians amputation in the US daily...1 death every 6 minutes from Opioids drugs. 

January 5, 2010 Testimony of MK Howard Re: Hydrot-pt5 and Therapy Regimen, I started the Therapy Regimen the third week of August, 2009, when I had a list of health issues and also was quite overweight. One of my most noticeable health issues was a persistent cough, day and night, which kept me (and everyone else in the house) from restful sleep and interfered with daily conversations and business activity. My throat was often sore from the coughing, and it was very disruptive in church and meetings, so forth. While out in public, I’m sure people were worried that they would “catch something” from me. After ONE treatment with the Hydrot-pt-5, the cough, which I had for years, went away and has not returned since that time! In walking, I had a decided limp due to Plantar Fasciitis of my left foot, further aggravated by Sclerotic Arthritis of the feet. The Therapy Regimen very quickly improved my ability to move comfortably, sleep without constant pain at night, wear variety of shoes


Sanker gives Health Seekers a reason to do business with us. First, we prayerfully invite God's guidance for total restoration. pain management, bulging disc, back pain healing , and Mental health healing, durable medical equipment